A little bit about me

If you are looking for my QSL cards they can be found here. http://k3srg.info/qsl

I am a Freelance IT support specialist supporting small businesses with Custom Database Applications and Technology Support. I am a Fixer so to speak in the Technology field. People come to me with their problems or ideas and I research their problems and provide options to overcome whatever tech may throw at them. Need some help setting up your rig such as for FT8 or other digital modes or using Rig Control Software. I can help with remote support. Send me an email with what problems you need assistance with and then we can go from there. Send me an email HERE

I have been providing IT solutions for over 10 years, mainly in the foreclosure assistance market. I currently provide day to day IT support for a small 501c3 Non Profit based out of Florida. The company is called Housing and Financial Educator and if you have ever faced foreclosure then you know the daily struggles of dealing with the mortgage companies. Be sure to stop by and check them out. Click Here

I got into Amateur Radio back in 2015 and started to tinker with electronics. Being an IT guru I found the need to figure out how to use my radio and my computer together. That is when I discovered digital modes that ran off the audio in and out of my computer. I have since grown to enjoy operating various digital modes as well as phone/voice modes.